Why Lacima?

Lacima can help you gain a competitive edge by applying our expert industry knowledge to solving your toughest business problems in energy valuation, optimisation and risk management. Whether it’s through our powerful energy analytics software or our expert advisory services or our training services, we can give you the confidence to make faster, more accurate decisions about energy markets, limiting your risk exposure while maximising opportunity. 

4 reasons to choose Lacima

Software & Services

With our unrivalled specialist team, Lacima is uniquely placed to provide a complete software and services offering. Use our software, Lacima Analytics, to price, value, optimise and risk manage financial contracts and physical assets across multiple commodities and regions. If you need advice take advantage of our expert consultancy. We also provide open and in-house training to keep you abreast of the latest industry-specific methodologies and techniques.

Personalised Support

Our team are peer-recognised energy risk and valuation experts who offer an unparalleled level of personalised support, before, during and beyond delivery. 

Global Expertise

With a wealth of practical experience we have successfully implemented solutions in leading vertically integrated energy companies, energy retailers, financial institutions and large energy consumer organisations in Europe, North America and Australasia.

Industry Recognition

Our internationally acclaimed approach stems from leading research in energy risk and valuation modelling by Lacima founders Dr Les Clewlow and Dr Chris Strickland. Through their published works, their models and methodologies form the foundation of, not only our software and services, but also many in-house development projects worldwide.