2012: CommodityPoint Leaders in CTRM Technology series interviews Dr Chris Strickland

In this video, Lacima's Dr Chris Strickland is interviewed by Patrick Reames of CommodityPoint as part of CommodityPoint's "Leaders in CTRM Technology" series.  The changing markets are driving new needs in industry players.  Learn about the current trends and issues related to risk management, valuation and optimisation in energy markets and how risk management technology is expected to evolve over the next decade.

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2012: Are you measuring the wrong thing for your gas portfolio risk?

In this audio podcast, Lacima's Dr Chris Strickland is interviewed by Gastech Specialist Events to discuss:

  • The shortfalls of current ETRM systems in risk management
  • Why risk assessment across energy markets is so complicated
  • The implications of getting your risk assessments wrong
  • Why should companies invest in additional risk analytics?
  • What are the cost implications of outsourcing these additional services versus developing them in-house?

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