Contract and asset risk management, valuation and optimisation

  1. Volatile energy markets
  2. Innovation in deal structures
  3. Regulatory changes

... make multi-commodity trading a complex business.

Be confident that you are working with specialists that understand your energy and commodity issues across combined portfolios. With many years of experience we see risk and valuation concerns from a practical, real-world perspective. Our software and consulting services draw on the energy and commodity-specific models and methodologies developed by Lacima’s founders through their acclaimed research and published works.

We can help you with the multi-commodity challenges you face:

  • Assess relevant risk metrics for your portfolio
  • Value, optimise and analyse risk exposure accurately across multi-commodity portfolios of financial contracts and physical assets
  • Model the inter-relationships between power, gas and other commodities
  • Perform network optimisations of power and gas assets and contracts
  • Measure risk in portfolios that contain multiple commodities
  • Analyse large books of multi-commodity derivative deals
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