Lacima Analytics

Complete valuation, optimisation and risk management for global energy markets. One smart application.

  1. Price volatility
  2. Volumetric uncertainty
  3. Innovative deal structures
  4. Changing regulations
  5. Globalisation.

Now more than ever, effective risk management and the ability to respond to valuation challenges and portfolio optimisation opportunities are prerequisites for the profitability of organisations that deal in energy and commodities.

Act with confidence with Lacima Analytics. Whether you seek simple models to value, optimise and report risks for standard contracts, or the most sophisticated models and techniques for complex assets and contract types, Lacima Analytics covers all your needs, without the cost of replacing any ETRM system.


Lacima Analytics comprises three core functionality suites, the Valuation & Optimisation Suite, Risk Suite and Portfolio Management Suite along with two supporting suites, the Productivity Suite and the Core Suite. 

It has been designed to address the needs of clients who are interested in only a small subset of functionality (for example swing contract or gas storage valuation), to a full risk application capable of interfacing with multiple ETRM systems.

Select an individual solution, a full suite or any combination all within a single, consistent environment. 

The open framework architecture can also be used to support your existing skilled in-house teams, enabling you to incorporate your own internally developed intellectual property.

The suites

Functional suites:

Supporting suites:

  • Productivity Suite - provides the ability to implement additional features to help users get the most out of Lacima Analytics including extensive reporting, data and results management, security controls, distributed and batch processing capabilities.
  • Core Suite - provides the infrastrucuture and "building blocks" for Lacima Analytics. The ability to estimate and calibrate parameters, manage contracts,  manage curves and create new risk factors are all standard inclusions.


  • Comprehensive functionality for risk management, valuation and optimisation in a single application
  • Modular configuration to pick and choose functionality tailored to your specific needs
  • Works seamlessly with ETRM and other key operational systems
  • Flexible database structure enables changes to input data and hence quick updates to results
  • Quick and cost effective implementation - no need to replace any existing deal capture systems
  • Developed and implemented by peer recognised experts in energy analytics
  • Full transparency on risk models, algorithms and valuation methodologies provided
  • Fully auditable for regulatory compliance
  • Scalable to adapt to evolving business needs
  • Unparalleled level of personalised support

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