Handle more complex contracts.  Run the numbers faster.

Don’t leave money on the table because your software is not sophisticated enough to handle complex power and gas swing contracts. Lacima’s swing contract valuation solution* lets you manage the widest range of gas swing and power swing contracts efficiently – and faster than competing software. Value and optimise a single contract to a whole portfolio, from a simple take-or-pay contract to fully indexed contracts with carry-forward, make-up and depletion as well as inter-year constraints or optionalities.

Fact Sheet


  • Daily decision support for decisions on optimal take volumes and swing rights
  • Price or mark-to-market a single swing contract or a whole portfolio
  • Perform scenario analysis for a wide range of user-defined price profiles
  • Calculate full distributions for revenues, profits and take volumes
  • Report intrinsic, extrinsic and full optimal value including single scenario and full distributions of outcomes, as well as delta hedging positions
  • Report all optimal take volume decisions as well as the critical prices to show the boundary between decisions on take or do nothing
  • Analyse full granularity of value outcomes
  • No costly replacements of existing deal capture systems and databases
  • Full transparency with published analytics methods readily available to clients

* This solution can be delivered individually or combined seamlessly with other suite or solution(s) in any suite in Lacima Analytics to create an answer tailored to your specific needs.