Generation assets

Optimise cashflows of all your assets. Utilise sophisticated power plant models.

Lacima’s generation assets solution* provides comprehensive functionality to help you value and analyse generation assets of all types. With detailed, accurate and effective information at your fingertips, you can analyse one or more thermal, hydro or wind generators in a single-asset portfolio or in a portfolio consisting of assets, derivatives, virtual power plants or power purchase agreements. 

Fact Sheet


  • Gain accurate results by utilising Lacima's peer recognised power plant models
  • Perform scenario analysis for a wide range of user defined parameter, forward curve, portfolio mixes or volatilities
  • Calculate risk on your whole portfolio of generation assets including gas assets, retail loads, derivative contracts and hedges
  • Maximise calculation speed or optimise profitability by choosing any of the comprehensive set of available dispatch models
  • Hedge a portfolio of generation assets using any of the available standard derivative contracts
  • Calculate full distributions for revenues, profits and volumes
  • No costly replacements of existing deal capture systems and databases
  • Full transparency of power plant models with published analytics methods readily available to clients

* This solution can be delivered individually or combined seamlessly with other suite or solution(s) in any suite in Lacima Analytics, to create an answer tailored to your specific needs.