Portfolio Management Suite

Enhance value and profit potential.  Optimise complex combinations.

  1. I have a unique asset portfolio requiring a specific portfolio optimisation solution.
  2. I cannot maximise my profit potential without better visibility of all my assets and contracts.
  3. The software models that I am using do not reflect the fundamental relationships in the market.


Lacima’s Portfolio Management Suite provides a rich array of powerful tools to help you optimise your portfolio and maximise your profit potential by combining complex portfolios or assets and financial contracts.

You have peace of mind knowing that all tailored portfolio calculations employ a consistent modelling approach and are based on in-depth knowledge of energy markets.

* Solutions in the Portfolio Management suite can be delivered individually or combined seamlessly with any other suite or solution(s) in any suite in Lacima Analytics to create an answer tailored to your specific needs.

Solutions include:

Portfolio hedge optimisation *
Determine the mix of derivative contracts to achieve an optimal risk/return outcome.

Gas network optimisation  *
Financially optimise a portfolio of gas supply, retail demand, storage facilities and swing contracts in a connected multi-region gas network.

Hydro dispatch *
Optimise the dispatch of a network of cascading hydro reservoirs including stochastic inputs describing rainfall and snowmelt.

Hybrid modelling *
Link together any number of risk variables (e.g. temperature and load, load and price, snowmelt and river flow), to provide a model that realistically manages the resultant risk.

Cargo shipping *
Ensure that cargo is optimally dispatched in accordance with the time it takes to deliver commodities to different locations globally.

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