September 2009 - Outstanding contribution honoured


To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Energy Risk Magazine has honoured the pioneering quantitative analysts that have made an outstanding contribution to energy trading and have shaped today's energy markets.

Lacima Group is proud of its founders, Les Clewlow and Chris Strickland, to be named in an elite group of 5.  This honour was bestowed in recognition of the advancements that they have made in the discipline of quantitative analysis of energy over the last 15 years to thebenefit of the whole market.

On hearing the news, Chris Strickland announced, “We are excited to receive this recognition.  Having focused the last few years on developing comprehensive risk management software to the highest standards, it provides further endorsement that our software incorporates the most current thinking in energy and commodity quantitative analysis in the market.”

Visit to view the full article in the July 2009 edition of Energy Risk Magazine.

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