September 2008 - Centrica Energy uses Lacima riskAnalytics to exploit optionality in structured European gas contracts


Centrica Energy, the UK’s largest supplier of residential gas and electricity, has successfully completed phase I of Lacima riskAnalytics implementation, to exploit optionality inherent in structured gas contract portfolios to support expansion of its businesses in Europe.

Cassim Mangerah, Gas Asset Book Manager from Centrica says, “Our business users needed to obtain a realistic view of the impact of risk factors, particularly earnings at risk, across the entire portfolio, in order to evaluate short and longer term strategies. We sought a software solution that could address the complexities of structured gas contracts and partnered with Lacima Group to meet this objective. As a result, our hedgers, risk managers and schedulers are now able to implement more informed risk strategies and investment decisions across the business as a whole.”

Chris Strickland, Director of Lacima Group says, “We are seeing more and more companies turn to us to help them to analyze structured contract portfolios in detail – the complexities of which are barely being addressed by general energy trading and risk management systems in the market.”

Phase II of Lacima riskAnalytics implementation at Centrica Energy is currently underway for gas portfolio optimization and profit at risk solutions.

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