Lacima named Technology House of the Year


 MaSydney - May 15, 2013 - Lacima is proud to announce that it has been named Technology House of the Year in the Energy Risk Awards 2013 at a gala dinner held last night. Lacima was also honoured at the dinner for its first place rankings in four categories in Energy Risk Magazine’s 2013 ETRM Software Survey (as previously reported).

Lacima has won Technology House of the Year for its flagship software application, Lacima Analytics. Lacima was given this honour for its emergence as the leader of sophisticated analytics software as evidenced in Energy Risk’s 2013 Software Rankings in which Lacima, previously unranked, ranked in 12 categories (gaining four first places) and also due to a number of impressive client wins in the past year.

“There are many trading systems which were originally designed to address a small niche market, say for example, power in a particular geographical region, and then they struggle to grow out of that specialty where their expertise is limited. Market players are faced with the dilemma of liking a particular trading system (or systems) but then needing to find a solution for their risk needs which are not being met,” says Lacima CEO and co-founder Chris Strickland. "The Lacima Analytics software is designed to sit alongside, rather than replace, a company's existing traditional energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system and can handle all energy portfolios across multiple geographies, commodities, physical assets and complex financial contracts. Finally customers, under scrutiny of regulators and credit rating agencies, have an alternative to developing risky spreadsheet based solutions when their big ETRM systems do not meet their risk and valuation needs", he adds.

Whilst Lacima Analytics can be used as a full risk application capable of reporting a wide range of market and credit risk metrics, it is also used for discrete valuation and optimatisation needs, such as for valuation of gas storage facilities or power plants. This flexibility to use the same application across the needs of different groups within an organisation or to expand the functionalities employed as needs change appeals to Lacima’s customers whose needs are always growing and changing.

Chris Strickland commented “We are delighted to have been awarded Technology House of the Year and to have ranked so well in the Software Rankings Survey. This recognition both by industry experts and our customers validates our many years of work within the energy industry and our extensive research and development efforts in risk and valuation modelling. These awards pay tribute to our brilliant team who are the largest quantitative team directly employed by any software house catering to the energy and commodities markets. Our team work seamlessly across all geographies and commodities to ensure that clients receive relevant support tailored to their individual needs regardless of their location or the nature of their portfolio."

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