Lacima awarded Analytics Provider of the Year


Lacima is proud to announce that it has been named Analytics Provider of the Year in the Energy Risk Awards 2015 at a gala dinner held last night in Houston, Texas.  Lacima was also honoured at the dinner for its first place rankings in three categories in Energy Risk Magazine’s 2015 Software Survey (as previously reported).

Lacima has won Analytics Provider of the Year for its flagship software application Lacima Analytics.  Lacima was given this honour for its reign as the leading provider of sophisticated analytics software as evidenced in Energy Risk’s 2015 Software Rankings in which Lacima ranked in 10 categories including winning for the third year the categories attributable to analytics.

Over the past 7 years, Lacima has been recognised as the best in the world in three separate categories, a unique claim for a single company, being named by Energy Risk as Advisory Firm of the Year, Technology House of the Year and now Analytics Provider of the Year.  These wins cement Lacima’s position as the leading provider of energy and commodity analytics and the only provider of a complete analytics solution globally.

In winning this award, Chris Strickland, CEO commented, “We are delighted to have been awarded Analytics Provider of the Year and to have ranked so well in the Software Rankings Survey again this year. Either of these awards would be enough for the recipient to claim market leadership, but these on top of our other awards including in the past winning Advisory Firm of the Year and Technology House of the Year prove that Lacima is the best in the world in what we do and pays tribute to the fantastic and talented team we have at Lacima.  Lacima has been focussing on the development of energy market analytics for valuation and risk calculations for the past fifteen years, and that investment is the backbone that makes awards like this possible.

Market participants require robust analytics solutions for risk reporting and valuation, however, when they turn to their “risk” system they find that the valuation and risk management analytics are not specifically adapted to meet the unique risk needs of energy and commodity market participants.  This is partly due to the fact that vendors have been unwilling or unable to make the substantial investment required in terms of intellectual understanding, development time and cost, to upgrade their risk and valuation analytics and this looks likely to continue in the foreseeable future.  As a result of these issues, a large and increasing proportion of players are turning to spreadsheets to perform their valuation and risk calculations and with this “solution”, they simply transform one problem into another – now they inherit all of the risks and limitations of dealing with spreadsheets, a practice that is coming under increasing scrutiny across the board: regulators, credit rating agencies and stakeholders.  We are proud to offer a well regarded alternative to solve this problem.”

About Lacima Analytics

Lacima Analytics is the only commercially available single application for valuation, optimisation and risk management for multi-commodity/ multi- geography/ multi-asset portfolios.  It is designed to sit alongside, rather than replace, a company’s existing traditional energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system and can handle all energy portfolios across multiple geographies, commodities, physical assets and complex financial contracts.   

The models underpinning Lacima Analytics are based on the internationally acclaimed and acknowledged research works of Lacima’s co-founders as well as papers published with other Lacima members. These models are widely accepted in industry as major advances to analytics for the energy and commodities markets, have appeared in numerous books and articles and are used in most other analytics solutions marketed by other vendors.

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