Lacima announces strategic alliance with CubeLogic


5 December 2016.   Lacima, the industry acknowledged and award winning leading provider of energy commodities analytics with capabilities to meet the risk management, valuation, and optimization needs of global multi-commodity and energy players, today announces its strategic alliance with CubeLogic.  CubeLogic is a leader in risk management and business intelligence solutions for the energy, commodities and financial markets. 

CubeLogic will embed a subset of Lacima’s risk analytics functionality within its platform to provide clients with a ‘one-stop shop’ for market, credit, and liquidity risk management and reporting.  Lacima’s numerical engines will provide advanced analytics to simulate spot & forward prices, calculate Mark to Market values for a wide range of contract types, as well as calculate VaR, PFE, and other risk metrics.   Lacima’s valuation and risk results will be fully integrated and will be able to be seamlessly queries, manipulated and reported from within CubeLogic’s Market, Credit and Liquidity Risk Cubes.

Chris Strickland, CEO at Lacima commented, ‘This is another major win for customers to move away from the need to “bolt on” risk engines as they currently do with most other ETRM vendors to get sophisticated risk analytics.  Lacima’s risk technology will be embedded into CubeLogic’s platform to produce a seamless integration between business intelligence reporting and the calculation of risk metrics.’

Lee Campbell, CEO at CubeLogic said, ‘We are excited to provide ‘Analytics by Lacima’ following our strategic alliance. This will provide additional value to our customers by combining our Market, Credit and Liquidity Risk Cubes with Lacima’s powerful award winning risk analytics engine to provide a single, state of the art risk management platform.’

About Lacima Group

Lacima is a specialist provider of risk management, valuation and optimization software and services for multi-commodity trading organisations. It helps customers to maximize their profit potential and make more informed decisions by providing tools that yield more accurate valuations, hedging analysis, and risk exposure analysis for portfolios of financial contracts and physical assets. Lacima is widely recognised as the leading risk analytics specialist and has won Energy Risk Awards for the last five years. Clients of Lacima’s software and services include structuring, valuation and risk teams in vertically integrated energy companies, energy retailers, financial institutions and large energy consumers in Europe, North America and Australasia. Lacima’s software solutions have been developed and implemented by peer-recognised experts in energy analytics, offering an unparalleled level of expertise and personalised support.

About CubeLogic

CubeLogic provides risk management and business intelligence products and services for the energy, commodity and financial markets. The founders of CubeLogic are all renowned experienced industry specialists who have an impressive track record of developing and implementing global risk IT solutions. In the current volatile market conditions, CubeLogic addresses the increasing demand for robust, cost effective business intelligence solutions for risk management.

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