Energy & commodity analytics & risk training


After numerous requests over the past year from clients, colleagues and past course participants, we have decided to offer a comprehensive online energy analytics training program, as detailed below.  Starting 1 January, this course will give you the opportunity to kick off 2018 with prioritising your own learning or up-skilling your team.  We are excited by this new initiative and hope you will join us.   

Lacima’s online Energy & Commodity Analytics and Risk training course is a comprehensive and practical 14 unit training course, delivered by Dr Chris Strickland, based on materials that have been developed over the past fifteen years working with energy and commodity market participants and featuring modules that have been delivered to hundreds of professionals with excellent feedback.  The course will be delivered via pre-recorded presentations and includes (for most sessions) Excel based examples to solidify the knowledge of the session meaning that you can study at a time and pace that suits your individual needs.  

This course looks at the practices of valuation and risk management applied to energy and commodity portfolios. It is designed as a comprehensive, in-depth, and practical training course that looks in detail at the market dynamics of commodity variables, analyses a wide range of models used in the industry, describes the practical implementation of industry standard numerical methods such as Monte Carlo simulation and lattice based techniques, presents valuation methodologies for gas storage, gas swing contracts thermal & renewable power plants and discusses the relevance and implementation of a range of market and credit risk metrics such as VaR, GMaR, EaR, and PFE

The 14 sessions covered by the course are:

  • Session 1 – Financial contracts and physical assets in energy & commodity markets
  • Session 2 – Analysis of data and models used in energy & commodity markets
  • Session 3 – Model calibration & volatility surfaces
  • Session 4 – Monte Carlo Simulation I (Single factor models)
  • Session 5 – Monte Carlo Simulation II (Multi factor models & LSMC)
  • Session 6 – Lattice based techniques (trinomial trees)
  • Session 7 – Gas storage I (Intrinsic & rolling intrinsic)
  • Session 8 – Gas storage II (Basket of calendar spread options, spot optimization)
  • Session 9 – Gas swing contracts
  • Session 10 – Valuing thermal power plants
  • Session 11 – Valuing renewable assets (wind, hydro, solar, batteries)
  • Session 12 – VaR for energy & commodity portfolios
  • Session 13 – EaR/GMaR for energy & commodity portfolios
  • Session 14 – Credit Risk measurement

For more information and to obtain a brochure with a detailed course outline, learning objectives and cost, please email

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